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Sterling Wormwood Live at Knucklehead’s in San Clemente, CA on Halloween


I will be handing out tricks and treats at this one.

Flyer Knuckleads 10-31-14

The Return of Sterling Wormwood: A Tragedy in Three Acts


Sterling Wormwood live at Surfin’ Cowboy in Capo Beach, California June 7, 2014.

Please remain calm! You are about to witness a tragedy in three acts (in the key of A minor). You will be terrified! You will be tantalized! You will be traumatized! It is not for the faint of heart (or squares). So stay if you dare! But remember… WORMWOOD WASN’T HERE.

Sing, Pierrot, Sing


I’ve been too busy to write as much as I like, so here’s a new demo from my upcoming record to (not really) make up for it.


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One-Take Demo Saturday: Sweaty Psalms


Everybody hates their lives, they hate their lives, said oh no
I don’t wanna hate my life, wanna hate my life, said oh no

Everybody winds up dead, they wind up dead, said oh no
I don’t wanna wind up dead, wanna wind up dead, said oh no

Everybody goes to hell, they go to hell, said oh no
I don’t wanna go to hell, wanna go to hell, said oh no

A song for when the times are rough
A wrong, a million rights are not enough
A malediction for the menace
A benediction said for balance