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A Self-Protesting Eulogy Penned By Shaky Guilty Survivor’s Hands (For Dan)

A Self-Protesting Eulogy Penned By Shaky Guilty Survivor’s Hands (For Dan)

What is a eulogy?
A eulogy is a poor summation
of a life far more complicated
and diverse than
words on a page
(even the kind ones
of which you are more than deserving,

A eulogy is a post-dated bad check
passed between shaky guilty
survivor’s hands and
that most crooked and
undiscriminating of merchants.

A eulogy is a love letter
an affidavit
a confession
(on the part of the guilty party–
the bereaved)
with postage that falls
one cent short
and will always
return to sender.

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Dakota Slim

Dakota Slim

This is a poem I wrote in 2007 about one of my artistic brother-in-arms and then roommate Dakota Slim (Travis Keats Ross). He is a fantastic musician and is always releasing new albums that you should listen to. Check him out here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DAKOTA-SLIM/179031043203

Slimmer than a ten-to-one shot
at the tracks on a stray gray
named “Wounded Knee”
when you’ve been drinking since breakfast
and your brokeback bookie assures you
with a comforting twitch
and a revealing itch
that you’re a sure shot.

A real modern-day Doc Holiday
straight outta the movies (the good ones at least):
refined, learned, brilliantly brash,
drunker than a moonshined mountain goat.
“No sir, I’m in my prime.”

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The Last Time We Sang Danny Boy


(For a former friend I won’t ever admit to missing.)

Time won’t wait for us
There’s no pardon here
I’ll bid you my farewell
And you can bid me yours

Last time I saw you around we were singing
Drunk and gleeful to that sweet sweet sound
You picked up the tab and I picked up my head
And we parted ways without a feeling of dread

You went home to your lass and I went home with my thoughts
We both wanted the world, we both came up real short
My night was all tears and bad poetry
Yours was all lovers’ quarrels and bloody clothing

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There Are Worse Things (For Danni)


(Dated 2/9/09, potentially written at Sleaze Manor in Berkeley or in Oakland.  It’s all a little hazy…)

There are worse things than learning that
you’re just a phase or
an opening act for a one-hit blunder of a boy.

And that
the girl that you love more than you ever caught on
caught on to a catch she likes more than you,
even though you know it’s a flounder
and she ought to throw him back
with that god damn hook in his lip
for all the other guppies to see.

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Like A Lone Green Gummy Bear Awash In A Sea Of —– (For Natasha)


(Another old one from my Berkeley days.)

You can tell a lot about a person by:
1.  The shoes they wear.
2.  The company they keep.
3.  The records they own.
4.  The candy they eat.

Q: How many poems have been written about the first three?
A: Too many.

But you can never hear too much about sweet things,
like love and liquor and Laffy Taffy.
I’ve written too much about those two (love and liquor),
so Laffy Taffy it is:

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