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Feeding Back The Feedback, Jack


I got bored this morning and made a trailer video for my YouTube Channel (Prank Calls From Outer Space). Some of the quotes I actually swiped from my followers, so check it out to see if you’re in there. I didn’t mean anything with the clowns, by the way…


Recording Of The Author Reading His Poem “Malum Insane” (With Piano)


Malum Insane

Malum Insane

Theóphilus Malum was a maker of dolls and a taker of falls.
He did each in equal measure
and was quite adept at both.
He’d been slighted and spited so many times that he had grown accustomed to it.
His natural state was unnatural hate:
He hated with such a fury, such a fervor, that it affected every aspect of his life,
even his work.
Especially his work.

He made dolls for the people who wronged him,
fashioning them with the finest cloth and porcelain he could get his hands on.
Forged in the fiery furnace of his burning resentments,
his dolls were of an exceptional and unrivaled quality.

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