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Suffer The Hummingbirds

Suffer The Hummingbirds

Death be not kind
but there can be kindness in Death.
A daily Eucharist for an ailing Catholic
and a recovering Protestant
(Almost grounds enough for a conversion.
But Cancer don’t check religious backgrounds
and that mass in your belly don’t care about five o’ clock Mass.
Is Lourdes open this time of year, I wonder?
Categorical miracles are, naturally, absurd
but an individual one?
In this case, I would take it
and I wouldn’t even bat an atheistic eye at it.
Who’s the sick and who’s the comforter here?
Sometimes it’s difficult to tell, Grandma.
More often than not I feel as if I’m
one disjointed thought away
from a straight jacket fitting
and you’re holding both of us together
with softly sanctimonious composure.
But you do grow weary sometimes
and swear you’ll pray to die soon
and I look at you with deadpan eyes
and say,
“Grandma, I tried that for decades and it didn’t work
but then again I’m not as devout as you.
Although you’re too good of a Catholic to phone in an
honest-to-purgatory suicide request.”
And we both laugh and fill your hummingbird feeder
because they need tending to just as much as we do. Read the rest of this entry

Vatican You Do The Can-Can?

Vatican You Do The Can-Can?

I’m just trying to sort out the continuity here, mate:
There’s heaven and there’s hell
and (wait for it…) purgatory
and then, somewhere betwixt it all,
whatever this mess is.

Ay, Francisco–
Put down that communion wine
for a second
and pay attention, will you?

Yeah, your hat is on straight
don’t fret
but wouldn’t it be funny
if it was on gay instead?
Oh, aren’t I just abominable?

Tough crowd.
Wait for it…

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