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Dear Dionysus V

Dear Dionysus V

Dear Dionysus,

You know how I said I saw you in Corky’s crying face? Well that’s not the only place I saw you in those days. On the contrary, I started to see you all over the place.

I saw your grinning mug in the mirror whenever I was on a good one. I saw your loving eyes in between every pair of legs I ever cajoled my way into (more on that in due time). And I heard your sweet, treacherous voice soliloquizing in my mind, egging me on to wonderful, woeful actions. I didn’t take a lick of advice from anybody back then, but when it came to you, I did every god damn thing you told me to.

It might have seemed, to the impartial observer, that I had begun a drastic and dire transformation once I met your acquaintance, and that you made me act completely contrary to my nature. But you and I know that’s nonsense. You brought out the real me, didn’t you? The terrible, terrible beauty inside that had been merely hibernating, slumbering for years and patiently awaiting your trembling, waking hand.

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