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Play Us Out Slow, Sousa

Play Us Out Slow, Sousa

As the votes trickle in and I try desperately not to let anything trickle down my leg and the exit polls leave my heart pulsing with nervousness,
I think to myself:
Will we choose a full blown relapse to the regressivism of bygone eras
Will we choose a step in the direction of progress?
Even if it is the smallest of baby steps
And the foot isn’t as left as I’d like.

America is the textbook definition of insanity
Repeating the same backwards destructive acts over and over and over again and hoping for a different outcome until
They start to embrace the outcome
(As disastrous as it is)
And pray for more disaster.
It’s a sadomasochistic dance on a national level
With jingoistic overtures goading us on
(Is that a Sousa composition I hear?)

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