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The Anti-Hero’s Alphabet

The Anti-Hero’s Alphabet

The Bandit’s Bolero

The Con Man’s Cookbook

The Derelict’s Dictionary

The Executioner’s Encore

The Fascist’s Fugue

The Gambler’s Glossary

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Dear You (Orange County)


Fuck money, fuck fashion, fuck social class, fuck girls, fuck happenstance harlotry, fuck good looks, fuck fake friends, fuck one night stands, fuck phony bands, fuck tough guy bullshit, fuck fancy cars, fuck beachfront property, fuck tired religion, fuck politics, fuck deviants, fuck demagogues, fuck hand-me-down spoiled brats with old money, fuck  young upstarts, fuck loose tongues, fuck sinking ships, fuck gyrating hips, fuck matching tattoos, fuck romantic voodoo, fuck pious parents, fuck scholastic pretension, fuck degrees, fuck hygiene, fuck Beatitudes, fuck hard attitudes, fuck the scene, fuck the mean-spritited devils of fallacious dreams, fuck limbo, fuck purgatory, fuck heaven, fuck hell, fuck all the saints and sinners and sycophants and succubi, fuck alibis, fuck excuses, fuck fate, fuck fury, fuck muses, fuck revolution, fuck evolution, fuck creationism, fuck atheism, fuck you, fuck me, fuck everything you believe.

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Band Names: An Ongoing List


Neon Trotsky (used)
Kilroy & The Sidewalk Slammers (for Rayna)
Werewolf Sonata (used)
Nicholas Cage Fight (stolen)
Ster Love & The Baby Shakers (don’t ask)
Will You Show Me Your Paxton Supercharger?
Frog Or Orange?
Frog Or Strawberry?
The Black Spot Neck Tie Party (used)
Warren Fitzevon
Dylan Thomas & The Delirium Tremens
The Suede Shoe Hustlers & A Bad Case Of The Shorts (the latter possibly being an album name, as opposed to an extended band name. Either way, pretty lame).
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