I am Don Juan on fire

or William Bonney on moonshine

depending on the weather.

I am Casanova waiting for someone Bossa Nova.

I am Edward Teach swinging from the main mast with brimstone to preach.

I am Maurice Ravel reveling in smoke and reviling the joke.

I am John Wesley Harding and I am having a hard time but you have four sixes to beat and that’s a hell of a hand and I’ve got my calling card in hand and it’s a holy ace of spades splayed through the center with Southern pride from a weathered sidearm.


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  1. I really felt I was there, holding that hand. Thanks for liking The Morning After and for following my blog. I’m following yours also.


  2. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work! You seem like an interesting chap. I’ll be back often!

  3. LOVE the portrait. Is it a self-portrait? Anyway, very nice drawing of an intriguing and creative person Thanks so much for LIKING one of my posts and for joining my fun! I post photos and comments about a true vintage item from my own closet almost every day.

  4. Nice job on the portrait and I liked the way you spun the poem. Thanks for liking my Memorial Day haiku as well as the follow of Aspiring to Inspire. I appreciate you taking the time.

  5. Not sure which I enjoyed more, the post or the comments that followed. Thank u so much for liking and following my blog. I am following you too right away. Peace.

  6. Wow! What a creative way of describing who you are… Love the art! Thanks for checking out and liking my post. I’m following your blog as a way of thanking you 🙂

  7. Thanks for the ‘follow’ and ‘like’ on my StudioThoughts and the chance to visit your very interesting blog. You definitly have a way with words. I will enjoy following your work.

  8. I want to be seduced and your words have caressed the palate of my ear softly lingering in my mind the way a lover lingers on my sheets. Love this poem like I love excitement.

  9. Hey – just messaging to make you aware of my competition, I really value everyone who decided to follow my blog (there may be one or two I fear who just spilt coffee on themselves and accidentally clicked the button.. but I’m still taking it as a win). I need help deciding which poems to perform in the next month or two and I’d really value your opinion.

    Stay Well – Mart

  10. I like it. If it were mine I would take out the words bossa nova, The excitement is there and moving me As a reader. It makes me want to put on my 45 and step outside.

  11. Your words are very evocative and have given me a sense of what makes you tick. Thanks so much for dropping by Incidental Thinking today…and especially for enjoying my post.

  12. Frequently, listening to non native born Americans, I wonder if they realize exactly what our freedom means and the extent to which we want others to enjoy the same freedom. I agree with you regarding American Exceptionalism. We do think of ourselves as exceptional though I suspect citizens of every nation consider their country exceptional. More important, I believe America to be inclusive. Needless to say there is racism here as there is every where.We take pride in our freedom of religion though we might also say freedom from religion.All of us with mothers, sisters and daughters are feminists. Name a mid-east country that offers women the equality with men enjoyed here.As for religion, as a Christian, I welcome opportunities to participate in inter-faith forums. Tell me, is that allowed in Islam nations? I would welcome Muslims into my home who wanted to present the tenets of their religion as long as they allowed me equal ime to present mine.

    The fact that immigration is such an issue in our country speaks to me of American exceptionalism, otherwise why are they coming here. That they are welcomed speaks to our inclusiveness. As for our flag, I agree with you there. Has it hung in your native land? If so, for what reason. I contend and believe whever the stars and strips hangs, it does so to protect the freedoms of the people there. I taught my preschool grandson to place his hand over his heart and recite the pledge of allegiance. I hope he never forgets it and is never ashamed of it.

    Bkessubgs. Ron

    • I see this line of reasoning a lot and it frightens me: America is not the middle east, therefore it is the best country in the world. I believe this is what you are implying, consciously or otherwise. There are many other countries in the world with more humanistic, functional forms of government than America with better literacy rates, life expectancy, standard of living, etc. The problem is that once you believe something is the best and flawless (especially a country), then you bar any possibility for improvement. This paradigm encourages a wholesale ignorance of problems, which of course rules out solutions entirely. Am I grateful that I don’t live in the middle east? Absolutely. Do I think that America is a shining paragon of freedom, humanity, and equality? Absolutely not. Thanks for reading, though!

      P.S. And for the record, I am American-born.

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