Silhouette Girl


Song from a musical in progress about a dandy peeping Tom set in a dystopian Cold War alternate past.

A discrete beatdown
No one is around
Bottles whistle catcalls
They don’t make a sound
Complete breakdown
Tears of a clown
Stay for the spectacle
Come on and stick around

Sticks and stones
Splitting hairs and spitting airs
All alone
Please take me home
Please take me anywhere
I got nowhere to go

My silhouette girl
In a kaleidoscope world
My technicolor girl
In a black-and-white world

Cadillac de Bergerac
The peeping Tom hypochondriac
He puts the cad in Cadillac
Mad, rad, and dangerous to know, Jack

A distress call
A mistress for the Fall
Fingers touching shoulders
You don’t feel at all
A start and a stall
Broken mirror on the wall
Tell me who’s the fairest
The fairest one of all

Nervous tics and broken bones
Cutting ties and gutting lies
On my own
Please let me go
Please take me anywhere
Anywhere but home

Binoculars and lozenges in a leather sac
For a nervous cough, from a nervous hack
His heart is red, but his eyes are black
Sad Cadillac de Bergerac

He’s climbing treetops round the back
A prowling penchant, a creeping knack
His disrobing quarry tells her dog to attack
Dead Cadillac de Bergerac

When the serenade has ended
And the streetlights have all turned to dust
There you will find me
Watching the sunrise turn to rust



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