Sailor Jerry Rum Label Love Missives: The Hopeless Hopings of a Fanciful Delusionist


photo-77The Hopeless Hopings of a Fanciful Delusionist

We wouldn’t want to instill any
false hopes in that
hopeless chest
cavity of yours now, would
we? Are there any
other kind? If there
are, then I certainly
haven’t known them. Hope,
by default, is false—
if you have to hope for
it, you may as
well throw in the towel—
you bet your money
on the wrong horse. Hope
is merely the well-
dressed, more polite, and
slightly better behavied
cousin of delusion.
Just because it’s a
bit more put together
doesn’t mean it will
pull through in a pinch.
And at least delusion is consistent.

Composed 2011. Part of the Sailor Jerry Rum Label Love Missives Series.


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