Harping On Truth

Harping On Truth

I was given the assignment of answering the question, “What is truth?” in a paragraph. This is what I wrote, in case anybody wants to cheat off me. 

What is truth?

Truth is that which philosophers, artists, historians, humanists, poets, writers, and composers have sought for centuries. It is an elusive intellectual quarry, a topic that is not only difficult to define, but perhaps impossible to fully comprehend. Truth can be paradoxical: it belongs to us all collectively, yet to none of us individually. There is no my truth, no your truth—there is simply truth. Truth is immutable, omnipresent, and definite. Truth is the complete absence of subjectivity: one may not argue with truth, lest they be a fool, for it is a losing endeavor that only a fool would undertake. Truth can not be swayed, it can not be bargained with or bought off or bribed. Truth does not bend to the whims or the aims of mortals; do not mistake the employment of lies, delusion, and treachery with the conscription of truth, for they are not the same. Truth is beauty: unblemished, incorruptible, perfect. Truth is god, and all those who seek truth seek god, yet not all those who seek god seek truth.

So what is truth?

Truth is a perfect chord upon a perfect instrument that can only be imperfectly comprehended by imperfect ears, but if you listen closely enough, you can usually make it out all right— even if you can’t quite put it into words.


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  1. Truth is entirely subjective and objective, truth is layers and the sum total of all previous experience, for where is the truth really when bias parties are the only ones with access? Everyone comes to each moment with ego, ego changes perspective, perspective is the only way in which truth can be conveyed.
    My duet of dollars, but in and of its self I like having seen your articulate way of having conveyed the complete opposite ideas and ideals.
    Also, what is this image? I am struck by it and want to know more. Who and where? It is altogether too captivating not to know.

    • I was referring more to truth as an unattainable ideal to be strived for, a cosmic, ethereal truth of sorts having more to do with a philosophical concept than, say, Jiminy Cricket. Your points are most certainly valid as well, which is, I suspect, what my professor wishes to illustrate with this assignment: The definition of truth is different for everybody.

      It’s interesting that you mention perspective and ego, as I spent much of my day reading about how perspective and ego influence one’s ability to cope with crisis. Ego most certainly impacts one’s perspective in general, and one’s perspective on truth specifically–although it would be my contention that it wouldn’t change truth itself, at least not in the context I was working with here.

      As for the picture, I wish I could tell you more. I spend far too much time collecting far too many strange pictures, mostly ones that appeal to my (creepy) aesthetic sensibilities.

      Thanks for reading, and thanks especially for your feedback! It made my night. ❤

      • But isn’t an unattainable ideal all about ego? Cosmic and ethereal have to do with our own existence within space and time so therefore wouldn’t it have its roots within ego? I think there is a truth you speak of in the beauty of science and the universal possibilities coupled with total answers, but we find new ways to define this, so does that mean the truth changes? Was it truth before when it was wrong (unbeknownst to the founder)?

        Trauma and crisis are fascinating things, they have such long legs not only in past experiences but also intergenerational repetitive behaviours.
        What are you studying? If you don’t mind me asking.

        I’m so glad you enjoyed the feedback, it’s great to hear your opinions and your words, they are enigmatic.

  2. I’m drunk, but let’s see… reality is a matter perspective, a matter of perception. There are varying degrees of truth, or different versions of it. My truth may not be true to you, but it may reign over your reality. The truth is that we celebrate this beautiful lie that allows us to expose and explain truths without revealing the truth. Is there any truth to that, or am I just drunk? Or both?

  3. Too many people ask for a definition of the truth without ever bothering to ask why the truth matters. That is to me the real question, without which the answer to the other question is immaterial.

  4. I know I am coming in late on this one. But GREAT post!
    At the risk of taking up too much space here by writing my own post on your blog (for it might take up a lot) or as Angry Tablecloth shared with us… needing to be drunk (lol) to find and share the meaning of truth…I will try to spare you my definition and as life happens, write about it on my own blog! Smile. As I discover it that is! Cuzzz the older I get, I have realized that there is not just one answer… though as Lindy points out it is death… but then it is also birth and the promise that death is not final… once again depending on your own truth! Ya know? 🙂

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