Cover Me Impressed: “Dandy” by The Rockin’ Vicars


I suddenly find myself with the time and the urge to play more music. Unfortunately, I have this problem where I compose songs at a rate that surpasses my rate of recording (especially proper studio recording), so that I lose too much in the shuffle. As a way of keeping my fingers busy while preventing myself from composing any more before I finish the album I’m currently at work on, I’ve decided to make YouTube videos of me covering songs that I especially like and present them as a series on here, entitled “Cover Me Impressed.”*

I don’t know how long I will keep this up before I get bored or overwhelmed, but it seemed like a good idea this morning. The first one is “Dandy” by The Rockin’ Vicars, a little known British outfit that featured Ray Davies of Kinks fame and a then little-known bloke by the name of Lemmy Kilmister, who would go on to wreak havoc in Hawkind before founding one of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest and longest running institutions: Motörhead.

I tried to take the song and make it my own, as carbon copy covers always bored me. That isn’t to say that my cover isn’t boring, but it’s perhaps less boring than it could be. Also, if anybody would like to put in requests of songs for me to do, I think that would be fantastic. And if you are interested in hearing my original compositions, please click the Picaro Opera page.

*Requisite Replacements Reference.

P.S. The video is kind of shaky and disjointed, but I decided to keep it that way because, after all, I'm kind of shaky and disjointed too.

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  1. This is a really good cover. You have a great voice. Of all the blogs I follow on wordpress I’d have to say your blog is one of the most eccentric one I’ve ever seen. Your poetry has definitely become an inspiration for my own. The more people you inspire the closer you are to immortality 🙂

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