Sailor Jerry Rum Label Love Missives: Why Is It Always About Girls & Guitar Strings?


Sailor 003

Why Is It Always About Girls & Guitar Strings?

Girls are nothing like guitar
strings. You can’t
just bang the
hell out of them
and expect
to replace
them when
they break
and have
the song
remain the same.
Even if they
look the same
and feel
the same,
the tune
isn’t. I hope
you’re good with your fingers.

Composed 2010. Part of the Sailor Jerry Rum Label Love Missives series.

(I haven’t had a lot of spare time to write new material, so I’m going to post random older works until I do, which will likely be in a month or so. If you just can’t wait, you could always check out my Tumblr page, where I keep a daily haiku diary. Enjoy–or don’t. </3)

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  1. Sterling — I am in the infancy stages of a new project that would incorporate music and spoken word (I have heard your work done like this as well, so I know you’re familiar with the concept) and I’d really be interested in having you contribute something, if you’re interested. This poem might work really nicely, considering the metaphor, but if you had something else in mind, I’d be open to suggestion. Check out what I’m talking about here and let me know if you’re interested

    Musically, I’m not set on any one genre — just sort of whatever strikes me.

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