One-Take Demo Saturday: “Rhap Scallión & The Methadone Picnic”


You’ve got lust in your veins
To match the dust in your brain
The fire in your eyes
Is just a smoldering high
It’s a hell of a fall, falling one inch at a time

You’re just a fly on the wall
But you can’t fly at all
All the other flies
Dying for the same disguise
By order of fate: Do not resuscitate

I don’t want to be the one to learn my lesson
Take it easy, hey it’s easier to forget them
Yeah it’s a wrap, I’m so wrapped up in it all

Rhap Scallión and the methadone picnic
Rhap Scallión, pack a lunch or you’ll be sick
Rhap Scallión, you’re a candle with a wet wick
Rhap Scallión, you’re out of cards, you’re out of tricks

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