The Anti-Hero’s Alphabet

The Anti-Hero’s Alphabet

The Bandit’s Bolero

The Con Man’s Cookbook

The Derelict’s Dictionary

The Executioner’s Encore

The Fascist’s Fugue

The Gambler’s Glossary

The Hellion’s Homophony

The Inkslinger’s Index

The Jingoist’s Jukebox

The Kleptomaniac’s Keyboard

The Libertine’s Libretto

The Miscreant’s Medley

The Nuisance’s Nocturne

The Orphan’s Organ

The Pickpocket’s Prayerbook

The Quitter’s Quotebook

The Rapscallion’s Rapsheet

The Sycophant’s Sermon

The Trickster’s Timepiece

The Undertaker’s Unicycle

The Villain’s Violin

The Wretch’s Watchtower

The Xenophobe’s Xylophone

The Yogi’s Yo-Yo

The Zealot’s Zeppelin


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