The Last Time We Sang Danny Boy


(For a former friend I won’t ever admit to missing.)

Time won’t wait for us
There’s no pardon here
I’ll bid you my farewell
And you can bid me yours

Last time I saw you around we were singing
Drunk and gleeful to that sweet sweet sound
You picked up the tab and I picked up my head
And we parted ways without a feeling of dread

You went home to your lass and I went home with my thoughts
We both wanted the world, we both came up real short
My night was all tears and bad poetry
Yours was all lovers’ quarrels and bloody clothing

Next time I see you around
I’ll be ready to put you to rest
I’ll have to make you bound and tied
But I’ll still look you in the eyes

Old friend, someday I’ll join you
I won’t sing that song
I won’t even try
Without you, it just makes me cry

Last time you saw me around, you weren’t ready to give up the ghost
You told me that you understand
And you looked me in the eyes and said
Old friend, I’m glad that it’s you

I’m sorry, my boy, I’m just doing my job
But I’ll never forget how we used to get along
It’s a cruel world, I know, ironic and dumb
But you had a good laugh and you had a good chum

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