Like A Lone Green Gummy Bear Awash In A Sea Of —– (For Natasha)


(Another old one from my Berkeley days.)

You can tell a lot about a person by:
1.  The shoes they wear.
2.  The company they keep.
3.  The records they own.
4.  The candy they eat.

Q: How many poems have been written about the first three?
A: Too many.

But you can never hear too much about sweet things,
like love and liquor and Laffy Taffy.
I’ve written too much about those two (love and liquor),
so Laffy Taffy it is:

Laffy Taffy comes in different flavors
just like those other two I’ve written so much about.
And it can turn your day around
or drag a ray of sunshine down to your level
like love and liquor.
But if you have too much,
you’ll get sick.

But I’d rather get sick from any of the four flavors of Laffy Taffy
than any of the hundreds of kinds of liquor
or from love, even though that only comes in one variety,
at least where I shop:

A Laffy Taffy day is better than a sicker liquor evening
or a lovy dovey afternoon.
And I would know–
I’ve had all three.

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