Band Names: An Ongoing List


Neon Trotsky (used)
Kilroy & The Sidewalk Slammers (for Rayna)
Werewolf Sonata (used)
Nicholas Cage Fight (stolen)
Ster Love & The Baby Shakers (don’t ask)
Will You Show Me Your Paxton Supercharger?
Frog Or Orange?
Frog Or Strawberry?
The Black Spot Neck Tie Party (used)
Warren Fitzevon
Dylan Thomas & The Delirium Tremens
The Suede Shoe Hustlers & A Bad Case Of The Shorts (the latter possibly being an album name, as opposed to an extended band name. Either way, pretty lame).
The Dreaded Muffin Tops
Ann O. Rexia & The Lap Band (a potential battle of the bands between this and the one above being the most epic victual-based jam session ever?)
Vulpo Alert! (ask Cam… when he gets out, of course.)
The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang
(DJ) Hypnomouse!
Bottom Rocker Wars
(2) Rest Is (2) Rust (Amish Boy Band)
The Battery Of Men Without Fear
The Post-Coital Hi-Fives (naturally, or unnaturally, three members playing ’60s garage rock with sleazy lyrics).
Dumbledore’s Mother Fucking Army (used)
Ed Gein Fashion Show (used)
Jim S’Morrison & The S’Moors (apologies/props/thanks to Morgan Drolet)

Stay tuned for more…

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